Ryan Clauson is a Stand Up Comedian, Type 1 Diabetic, Dating Coach, Former Professional Hockey Player and Health Fanatic.

Judges from NBC, ABC, and CBS rated Ryan the best performer in the Seattle International Comedy Competition. Ryan was voted Boston’s Best Young Comic by AOL.com and has performed with Louis C.K, Sarah Silverman, Dane Cook, and Dana Carvey. Touring at over 100 colleges per year, Ryan’s comedy has been featured on NESN, FunnyOrDie.com, and the Bonnaroo Comedy College Tour.

As a dating coach, Ryan has worked with thousands of men and women from around the world both in person and through live shows, teaching the secrets to finding love based on his best selling book, “The Nine Rules of Attraction.”

Nicknamed a “Health Champion” because of his  obsession with living a healthy life and his love for talking about health issues, Ryan effectively cured himself from the complications of type-1 diabetes by following a specific health regimen. Ryan is also a former professional hockey player and still plays currently in LA.

Ryan’s high energy act combines the topics of health and wellness to create a show which Northeastern University called “The best live show we have ever seen!