We Can Create World Peace


Hi, Ryan Clauson here. I am a world peace leader and comedian. When I’m not performing around the country, I am in Hanover, NH building a world peace center. If you are interested in having me perform at your school, hospital, or event, please contact my assistant, William, at Info@MrAttraction.com. If you are interested in my world peace project, read below:

Latest updates on our world peace mission:  WORLD PEACE UPDATES

Mission statement video and donation page: SUPPORT WORLD PEACE



Peace, Love, and Fun to you,

Rev. Ryan W. Clauson

Home: 104 Greensboro Rd, Hanover, NH

The Office: 10 Buck rd, Hanover, NH.



Community Party: Every Sunday 3:33pm at The Office.


“If someone asked me about Ryan, I would say that he is such a genuinely beautiful and loving person that much of society can’t comprehend him and probably does not accept him. And he accepts that and carries on. I’d say there are some people for whom his energy is too intense, and some for whom he save lives… He is an amazing human”



“Ryan is one of America’s newest leaders to take the stage. Using comedy, psychology and a passion for life as his tools, he is changing the lives of everyday people one by one… I highly recommend anyone to check Ryan’s work out, whether you seek to hire him or not. It will change your life!”

-Emmett G. Price III

Ph.D. Associate Professor of Music and African American Studies
Northeastern University

“Hey ryan..
I think..m the biggest fan of u from india..
learnt alot from u and u just changed my like…thanks ryan…”



Well Ryan,

I have to say, this has honestly been the best month I’ve had in 2 years. I went to Amsterdam and India last summer and honestly, this one month has meant so much more to me and made me so much happier than that vacation ever could. I’ve been doing exactly what you’ve suggested. I’ve been exercising all the time, eating healthy, and being positive in my way of thinking. I’ve read the two books you’ve given me and “A New Earth” has to be one of my all time favorites at this point in my life. Each week I hang out with my two male best friends and we just have fun (not to mention the tons of old friends I’ve been catching up with lately). Writing….oh man….that has changed my life. I’ve gotten more writing done in this month then I have in the past year. I’m probably 2/3 or 3/4′s done with my book and I feel I’m going to finish pretty soon. I’m also looking into getting a masters in education in college student affairs. You were right. Getting fired was one of the best things that ever happened to me. I did some soul searching and found something I’d really like to do career wise . OH YEA….I’m thinking about doing some stand up on amateur night at the stress factory in new brunswick. Lol, I know very random…..but yea if you any advice let me know.

The only contact I’ve had with Deanna was on Saturday when I called you. She actually spotted me first and sort of waved to me. I went over and she gave me a hug and we had few words before I said I had to get back to my friends. When she wasn’t with her group of friends, I talked to them for a little bit and it was cool. Other than that I found that she was hovering around me throughout the night…..weird….maybe it was a coincidence. I was just doing my own thing, talking to my girlfriends and having a good time. Oh yea, she texted me when she found out I lost my job asking if I was ok and if I needed a drink. I texted her a couple hours later saying everything was ok and I wasn’t upset.

You know I’m doing great without her. I have talked to a lot of girls and I can definetly see myself with someone else. But when I think about it, she’s someone who I want in my life. I’m not in pain. My pain is gone (Couldn’t imagine saying that a while ago)!!! But I still miss her. What’s the next step? I’m ready to move forward. And even if this doesn’t work out, I don’t care. I’m happy and I’m in control of my life again. :)

I look great. I feel great. I’m ready.

-M. C


I just wanted to thank you for bringing hope and community to the Upper Valley. I’ve lived in NH all my life and things are so much different now, I suspect most generations feel the same. I hope you and your family had a lovely Thanksgiving. Perhaps sometime I’ll see if there is some way I can help at The Office. S. S.