We Can Create World Peace

My name is Rev. Ryan W. Clauson. I am a reverend, community organizer, comedian, volunteer, and healer.

 I live and work in Hanover, NH. I offer my services for free and invite you to contact me at anytime to set up a time to connect.

People in Hanover tell me they feel the community is weaker then it was 15 years ago. Many don’t know their neighbors anymore, and it seems everyone is just so busy with their own lives, there is no sense of belonging or community. Even kids are so scheduled, you rarely see them playing in town. With the invention of the internet, people stopped talking to each other as much, stopped getting together as much, and our connection to each other has been lost. The town and the college have drifted apart, less people go to the sporting events, and there is a huge income gap.

I want to improve the community. I want to make Hanover the best town it can be and work with all surrounding towns to do the same.

I believe world peace is possible and my life is devoted to making it happen. I want to start with my hometown. 

I am in the process of purchasing 2 acres of land and a large office building in Hanover from my parents who built it in 1977. I am converting it into the best possible most comfortable place for people to be and to heal.  A refuge for all. I envision a building that has free food, coffee, tea, very comfortable seating, fire place, event space for music, comedy, lectures, a meditation room, napping room, library, doctors office, massage, acupuncture, chiropractor, an art room, a game room, a garden, green house, jungle gym, and lots of musical instruments for people to play in a music room. Everything will be free. 

The building will be called what it has always been called by my family, “The Office.”  It will be where the most important work gets done. Love, connection, peace, joy, freedom, creation, and transcendence. 

I am currently and will always be open to all suggestions from the community for what else we can do. Most of my ideas that I am moving forward with have come from community members so if you have an idea of how to make this town better, healthier, or more fun, please contact me and let me know. If you want to work with me at the office doing something that you love that will benefit others, please contact me. And if you are in pain, mental, physical, or spiritual, please contact me. I can help.

We meet on Sundays at 3:33pm. Please stop by and say hello. I would love to meet you.

Love and peace,

Long hair


Rev. Ryan W. Clauson

Home: 104 Greensboro Rd, Hanover, NH

The Office: 10 Buck rd, Hanover, NH.



Community Hangout: Every Sunday 3:33pm at The Office.


“If someone asked me about Ryan, I would say that he is such a genuinely beautiful and loving person that much of society can’t comprehend him and probably does not accept him. And he accepts that and carries on. I’d say there are some people for whom his energy is too intense, and some for whom he save lives… You are an amazing human”



“Ryan is one of America’s newest leaders to take the stage. Using comedy, psychology and a passion for life as his tools, he is changing the lives of everyday people one by one… I highly recommend anyone to check Ryan’s work out, whether you seek to hire him or not. It will change your life!”

-Emmett G. Price III

Ph.D. Associate Professor of Music and African American Studies
Northeastern University

“Hey ryan..
I think..m the biggest fan of u from india..
learnt alot from u and u just changed my like…thanks ryan…”